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Draught Beer Towers

Draught Beer Towers

Are you looking for excellent draught beer towers for your draft beer system? You’re at the right place.

Whether you are looking for the perfect tower for your glycol- or air-cooled system, Kegerator Online has you covered. Our hand-selected faucet towers represent the best items from the industry leading manufacturers, so you can rest easy knowing that you will be purchasing a high-quality tower to showcase your beer. Any long-draw (or remote) draft system will be perfectly suited to one of these beautiful tap towers.

Best draught beer towers of the highest quality designs and for a reasonable price.

At Kegerator Online, we offer the best draft beer towers in different sizes and designs at reasonable prices. Whether it’s a single or multiple faucet towers, stainless steel, chrome, brass or ceramic towers, we have them all. We provide the best quality beer towers from industry-renowned manufacturers, we don’t compromise with quality.

We make your life easy and comfortable with our stylish designed draught beer towers.

With our expertise and experience, we design and offer beer towers from simple to sophisticated. Draught beer towers are the ultimate dispenser of beer through the draft beer system. Whether it’s a commercial place or at the comfort of your home, we make your life easy and stylish with our professionally designed draught beer towers.

You can choose the right draught beer tower depending on the way you’re cooling your beers. Draft beer towers simply have two categories –

We offer many types and styles. Portable, single tap, double tap, and more. They vary in design, color, and material.

With our skilled professionals and experts, we can help you choose a professional draught beer tower.

We are here to make your day a little brighter.

Kegerator Online often offers Free Shipping most locations; come and check out which beer towers and designs are suitable for your business. Grab the best offer before it’s too late.

Metropolis "H" - 10 Faucets - Air

$3,051.00 $4,573.80
SAVE $1,522.80

Metropolis "H" - 12 Faucets - Air

$3,213.00 $4,827.90
SAVE $1,614.90

Irish Coffin Box - Dark Oak - Air Cooled - 12 Faucets

$3,179.25 $4,779.50
SAVE $1,600.25

Metropolis "H" - 6 Faucets - Air

$2,538.00 $3,811.50
SAVE $1,273.50

Skyline Tower w/o Rinser, 3 Faucet, PVD Brass

$1,653.75 $2,468.40
SAVE $814.65

Pass Thru - 12 Faucet - PVD Brass - Glycol Cooled

$3,199.50 $4,803.70
SAVE $1,604.20

Pass Thru - 8 Faucet - PVD Brass - Glycol Cooled

$2,767.50 $4,150.30
SAVE $1,382.80

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