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Glycol Chiller Maintenance

September 06, 2020

Glycol Chiller Maintenance


Glycol chillers are key components in long-draw draft systems. Conducting regular maintenance on your glycol chiller is imperative to ensure the longevity of your investment and to ensure the continued running of your draft system. What maintenance should you conduct on glycol chillers and how often should you do said maintenance? These maintenance items are not just focused on the glycol chill but also the other elements of your long-draw system.

Glycol Bath - It sounds simple, but ensure that the lid is always on your glycol bath to prevent the glycol-water mixture from being diluted by water vapor.

Glycol Bath Temperature - Check the temperature of your glycol bath every two weeks. Check it against the manufacturer’s guideline to make sure that it’s within the range suggested by them. Most chillers have a handy temperature gauge on the outside, so there’s no need to open the bath!

Motors - Check the motors on your glycol chiller monthly. Makes sure they sound like they’re operating smoothly and check for signs of overheating.

Pumps - Every month ensure that your pumps are running and sounding smooth. Check for missing insulation and leaks in all the connections too.

Condenser - inspect this element of your glycol system monthly. Look for dirt and obstructions to the airflow. Clean as required. Remove the grills to expose the condenser fins. Clean the grills and the fin’s surfaces by using a vacuum, stiff bristled brush or compressor gas, conveniently discharged from the fan side of the condenser.

Trunk Lines - Check your trunk lines every six months. Check for signs of ice buildup, physical damage to the insulation, or glycol leakage.

Glycol Mixture - Every six months check the viscosity and condition of your glycol-water mixture. Every eighteen months, using a refractometer, test the mixture’s freezing point. Adjust or replace the mixture as necessary. Usually the range is 20-25% glycol however every manufacturer is different so check their recommendations before making any changes.


This maintenance schedule is simple and very straight forward. It is also much much cheaper to regularly maintain your glycol chiller than to have to buy a replacement! The above guidelines are recommended by the Brewers Association’s in their Draft Beer Quality Manual.

Here at Kegerator Online we have a large and great selection of glycol chillers Once your glycol chiller is installed follow the above preventative maintenance guidelines, along with the manufacturers recommended guidelines, in order to ensure the longevity of your investment.

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