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Glass Rinsers

September 06, 2020

Glass Rinsers

A glass rinser is a simple device which does exactly what it says on the tin; it rinses glasses! You may have seen them at bars across the country, and whilst they’re definitely more popular in some areas over others their use is slowly spreading. What do glass rinsers actually do? And how can you install one in your new bar or add one to your existing setup?


What are Glass Rinsers?


Glass rinsers are compact devices found next to beer taps which, when a pint glass is pressed upside down upon them, sprays water up inside the glass. This is done just before a bartender is ready to pour a beer into the glass.


WHY? What do Glass Rinsers Do?


Glass Rinsers accomplish three things that have the potential to help you serve better beer in your establishment:


Clean the Glass - It’s in the name! Glass rinser, rinse off any residual sanitizer from washing or dust that may have gathered in the glass during storage.


Cool the Glass - If a glass hasn’t had the chance to cool down properly after washing, a glass rinser can easily help a bartender quickly bring that glass down to service temperature.


Wet the Glass - Having a slightly wet glass helps to improve the pour of the beer, making your bartender’s job that little bit easier.


Where to Place a Glass Rinser

Glass rinsers can be found in two different forms. If you already have a draft system setup in your location and aren’t planning on upgrading any time soon you can simply buy a stand alone unit like this one. If you’re currently setting up a draft system you can purchase a drip tray with an incorporated glass rinser.

Depending on the size of your draft system and how busy your location is you may want to purchase more than one glass rinser so that your bartenders aren’t queuing behind each other to use it. There are many options and customizations available on the glass rinser front, just check out Kegerator Online’s selection of drip tray and glass rinser combinations here! You may be inspired to upgrade your current drip tray to include a sleek looking, embedded glass rinser!

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