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What is The Brewers Association Draught Beer Quality Manual?

In 2007 the Brewers Association set up a “Draught Beer Quality Working Group” in order to promote awareness of quality draft beer. The Draught Beer Quality Manual was created for just about anyone who works with or owns a draft beer system to help them maintain and improve said systems. This Manual, now in its Fourth Edition, published 2019, began as a simple set of recommendations in 2007. Who are the Brewers Association? What does the Draught Beer Quality Manual contain? What are the benefits of you owning a copy of this manual? and, where can you get a copy?

Who are the Brewers Association?

The Brewers Association is a take on a good old American adage: “an organization of brewers, for brewers and by brewers.” Its membership is made up of more than 4500 brewery members, over 46,000 members of the American Home brewers Association and a multitude of beer distributors, individuals, and others whom are passionate about good beer. Their purpose, as stated on their website, is:

To promote and protect American craft brewers, their beers, and the community of brewing enthusiasts

What does the Draught Beer Quality Manual Contain?

Everything. Pretty much. It begins with the basic components of a draught system, including temporary systems, and progresses through the detail of how these systems work. It includes sections on all the equipment available to draught beer pourers, the pros and cons, and all the necessary considerations when setting up draft systems. It also contains sections on the proper serving of draught beer, growlers, system maintenance and cleaning, as well as cask ale.

What are the Benefits of Owning the Draught Beer Quality Manual?

This manual is a one-stop-shop for anything draught beer related; from getting your glasses beer clean, to system balancing, mixed gasses, line cleaning, coupler types, and beyond. Not only will having such a reference guide on hand further and refresh your knowledge of draught beer systems but it will also drive you to strive to provide the greatest pour of draught beer you can. If you’re looking to upgrade the draught beer setup in your location then this manual will help you do just that too!

 Where Can I Get a Copy?

The Draught Beer Quality Manual is available FREE as a PDF from the Brewers Association website. If you want a physical copy it is also available from the Brewers Association website. 1 copy costs $24.95, but if you order 2-9 the price drops to $9.95 each; with the price subsequently dropping the more copies you buy.

We here at Kegerator Online recommend this manual to all of our customers. It will not only help you understand your draught system better but it also has the potential to help you increase the longevity of the individual components of your system through proper maintenance. Along with helping you obtain the holy grail of pouring great draught beer!

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