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Preferred Line Cleaning Method: Electric Re-circulation Pump

Cleaning your lines is the most important part of owning a draft system. Not cleaning your lines will result in disgustingly dirty tasting beer. Many breweries and suppliers will subcontract someone to clean their lines in different regions, but many restaurant and bar owners and managers want to clean their lines more often than the recommended every other week.

How an Electric Recirculation Pump Works?

An electric re-circulation pump allows you to clean your beer lines with minimum effort. An electric re-circulation pump pumps a solution of caustic solution through your beer lines, recirculating the same solution for the allotted amount of time in both directions. It flows at twice the rate beer flows through the lines for a minimum of 15 minutes, which is the Brewers Association’s recommended minimum cleaning time when using the electrical re-circulation pump cleaning method. All these elements add up to a method of cleaning that scrubs beer lines clean of any bacteria that may have started to get a foothold in the lines.

Why is an Electric Re-circulation Pump the Preferred Method?

Electric re-circulation pumps use a combination of mechanical force and caustic chemicals to clean beer lines. What makes this method stand a head above the alternative -which is static or pressurized canister cleaning- is that over the course of its cycle the pressure of the solution being pushed through the lines is increased. This simple element of these pumps makes them much more effective than the alternative. It also requires less trips between the kegerator and the taps, also making this method more efficient.

How to Choose the Right Electric Re-circulation Pump for Your System

Every draft system is unique and that means every draft system has its own needs that have to be met. What is the key factor in choosing an electric re-circulation pump is how many lines you need to clean and how long they are. In order to do their job effectively electrical re-circulation pumps require that the system reach a certain pressure. So the longer your beer lines and the more you have of them the stronger a pump your going to need.

Check out Kegerator Online’s selection of electric re-circulation pumps  on the website. If you’re interested in getting an electric re-circulation pump for cleaning your draft system but aren’t sure what you need then head over to our request a quote page, drop us a line and we’ll help you choose the perfect product for cleaning your draft system.

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