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We get often asked for "non-standard" uses for UBC glycol power packs: for example, can they be used in breweries? Here are some questions and answers!

Can I use the UBC glycol power packs for other uses, like brewing tank cooling?

Yes and no. The official manufacturer warranty is only valid for use in serving beer and beverages, and does not cover other uses. Having said that, in practice there is no reason why these units couldn't be used for other purposes. In fact some of our customers do use these to cool brewing tanks without issues.

Why does the manufacturer care what I use the glycol chiller for?

These are not regular household items, and UBC does actually care for their customers. These units are modular, and can usually be repaired by changing a part. If there is trouble, instead of just replacing the unit, UBC often sends out a technician to repair the fault. This is good for everyone: the customer can resume their normal operations faster, and the round-trip freight shipping costs are saved.

This support model requires a certain framework: a known set of problems and solutions. This way there are easy questions to ask, and the technicians know what they are going to do and how. This all works well in the bar industry: There are only so many things that can happen. When the potential set of problems is expanded outside of that environment, things can get tricky, and providing reliable support becomes much harder. In the end it is not a technical, but a business decision: providing the best possible support for the most common type of customer.

Yes yes I get it, if the official rules are not followed, the world may end. What can these units really be used for?

These units are designed to chill and circulate glycol, and to do that reliably over many years. Just because a decision has been made to rule out some use cases outside warranty, it doesn't mean that the glycol chiller would know that. The glycol warms up, either by circulating in a long python in a bar, or by circulating in a cooling coil. The chiller cools it down, without thinking why. So: If you have the right kind of a DIY "big boy attitude" and you know that you can calculate the right cooling load and other variables, you can definitely use these units. If you don't overload anything, the chiller will do it's job, and do it well.

Still, it's a big investment for something that may break?

UBC is one of the world's leading beer industry companies, and their glycol power packs are made to last. While in the modern world most things are often made to break (or designed to be replaced after warranty period), it makes more sense for UBC to build lasting customer relationships, and to focus on real quality. Moving parts do break eventually, but they are designed to be easily replaceable, and spare parts are available.

Does voided warranty mean no support?

You will still have support, and we here at Kegerator Online will work together with both you, and UBC, to make sure you get the best possible experience of your glycol cooler. Even if the warranty is voided or expired, we will work with you to figure out the best solution to any issue with the chiller. These units are a long term investment, and they come with long term support.

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